Healing Headbands Project encapsulates the “Four Elements of Play” so beautifully. I am proud of your accomplishment, you are truly making a difference in the lives of others.”
-Dr. Madan Kataria
"They were overjoyed with how beautiful their artwork turned out and how super soft and super cool the headbands all looked. We had them talk about their feelings and many expressed that they felt proud to be able to have participated in such an awesome project aimed at helping children with Cancer."  
- Katherine Smith, 5th Grade Teacher
  Locust Valley Intermediate School 
"This has been so wonderful because they represent the power of laughter and positivity that will help change someone's life."
"Special events like the one you made possible, provide our patients and families with positive memories that they will remember long after they are discharged from the hospital." 
- AnneMarie DiFrancesca, CCLS
  North Shore LIJ, Cohen's Children's Hospital
"Your idea for this population of pediatric patients to create "Healing Headbands" is truly unique and memorable." 
"The reaction of making art that transfers into beautiful headbands with our patients brought so many smiles to their faces; as well as our volunteers!"  
- Courtney Giordano, CCLS
  Stony Brook Children's Hospital
"Your activity was able to put smiles on many of our patients' faces and will continue to do so as they wear their headbands"
- Courtney Czepiga CCLS
New York-Presbyterian, Phyllis and David Domansky Center for Children's Health
"I leave my headband on my desk and put it on when I'm feeling anxious.  It has a very calming effect and helps me feel centered and focused."
"I get lots of compliments on it!  I love being able to wear something I created with my own hands.  It makes the headbands extra special"
- Jordan Patinkin-Gilda's Club NYC