Kris Loya / ArtHeals / Limited Edition Headband

Kris Loya / ArtHeals / Limited Edition Headband


Title: Healing Garden

This one size fits all headband is printed on a soft UV protective stretchable fabric, hand cut and sewn by volunteers with love. "Wear your Happiness"
(Heather Jersey Solar UV50 protection micro fiber / ultra soft poly/Lycra blend smart fabric)

Kris Loya grew up on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. Surrounded by the vibrant colors of tropical flowers and blue-green seas, it was only natural that she would become an artist.
After moving to the US, she fell in love with peonies and poppies just as much as hibiscus and ginger lilies and her paintings began to depict those more often. With no formal watercolor training, her use of the media is very much intuitive and is a lifelong love and passion.

Asked: What has been your most touching or amazing moment you've experienced as an artist?
Answered: "A few months ago the local paper highlighted a not so great situation with a special needs child at a school. Someone had seen a piece of art I created that week and reached out to me to purchase it as a gift to the parent of the child. I was so touched that I gifted one to the parent and one to the woman who reached out to me. It made me feel really good that someone wanted to use my art to help heal a total stranger. Art definitely brings a community together."

Kris lives in Northern Virginia with her artist husband and their rescued painted turtle, Gammera. By day she runs a local art gallery and paints in the evenings. She can be reached at krisloya@me.comor through her social media accounts:

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