Keith Richards / ArtHeals / Limited numbered edition

Keith Richards / ArtHeals / Limited numbered edition


Title: "Mr. Whole Note"
This one size fits all headband is printed on a soft UV protective stretchable fabric, hand cut and sewn by volunteers with love. "Wear your Happiness"
(Heather Jersey Solar UV50 protection micro fiber / ultra soft poly/Lycra blend smart fabric)
Mr. Whole Note is a drawing which Keith often uses to sign his personal correspondence. He loves it so much that he wanted to share it with everyone!

Here, Mr. Whole Note is depicted without his signature cigarette, a powerful statement of positivity and good influence.  

Lead Guitarist and founding member of The Rolling Stones. He's become one of the most iconic figures in music: a rock pirate who also happens to be a guitar innovator and great songwriter. At the heart of his appeal is his rhythm guitar playing: a fluid, easy, rambunctious style that puts feel and groove way before technical prowess. Apart from the Stones, he's released solo albums and collaborated with other legendary musicians ranging from Berry to country singer George Jones.

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