Alana Commando / ArtHeals / Limited Edition Headband

Alana Commando / ArtHeals / Limited Edition Headband


Title: “Where They Go”

This one size fits all headband is printed on a soft UV protective stretchable fabric, hand cut and sewn by volunteers with love. "Wear your Happiness"
(Heather Jersey Solar UV50 protection micro fiber / ultra soft poly/Lycra blend smart fabric)​

This is the place between reality and dream. There are distant thoughts of familiar objects, sounds, and voices. These facets are fragmented and distorted-- you hold onto these illogical oddities because they remind you of a familiar reality. But here, they are displaced. Nothing’s dangerous here, but you are a visitor, so things might feel dangerous to you. None of this tangibly exists, but it may feel real because you can’t distinguish a memory from a dream. Nothing is permanent here, and nothing is serious. You are in a space that is far more realistic than reality itself.

lana Commando is a painter and drawer based out of New Paltz, New York. She is working toward her BFA in Painting and Drawing at SUNY New Paltz. When she's not in the studio, Alana's focusing on bringing together communities of Fine and Performing Artists, and bridging the gap between varying subjects through collaborative and performative events. 

Asked: Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

Answer: The moment I stopped taking art classes, I noticed myself finding excuses to paint or draw. I would paint pieces for birthdays and special occasions, I would have friends pose for me for fun, I would find any excuse to create. That’s when I first realized that throwing myself into creative projects is mandatory.

Artwork inspired from a Laugh Create Heal workshop 45,000 feet in the air, we laughed so much we all became very popular on the flight

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